22 December 2016

The Hits Just Keep Coming: Francis Orders Investigation of Knights of Malta

I forget-- who is the Cardinal Patron of the Knights?  Oh yeah, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. But don't worry, this is only looking into possible abuse of power by the Grand Master in a personnel decision

Right. I am confident that information is accurate. After all, why else would the Knights come under papal scrutiny just now?

Remember Fr. Manelli of the FFI?

It's all too confusing for me.


Long-Skirts said...


Look to the timeless
Look to the true -
Look to the Christs
Giving their lives for you.

Look to His Mother
Look to Her spouse -
Flee from the dens
Where the thieves rob His House.

The thieves have seduced
The thieves have well groomed
The sheepheaded souls
They have crushed and consumed.

The new hired Herods
Lure with a kiss -
Only pure-pious wise men
Know something's amiss.

Follow these wise men
It's clear who they are -
Crystal Light shines upon them
Under Bethlehem's star!

M. Prodigal said...

Fr. Manelli has endured many accusations, slanders, and calumnies. He has been exonerated of all but it had to come from a civil court as there is no justice from the Vatican at present. No reason has ever been given for the attack on the Franciscans of the Immaculate. They were/are holy and that is enough to garner hatred these days. And faithful? Lets find some dissent somewhere.

Kathleen1031 said...

Long-skirts, you will be heaven's poet!

The Vatican is full of Mafioso, these tactics are vile. How dumb do these men think we are?? How embarrassing for Our Mother, the Church.