31 January 2017

Help Saint Louis Catholic Take Over the Knights of Malta

I figured, hey, anyone can do it.  All I have to do is to ask the current Francis appointee to resign. I figure it should be easy--apparently they resign on the spot if you just ask them.

Then I'll get some cool miliary duds and my spiritual director will be Cardinal Burke. And because it is a sovereign entity (or used to be, anyway), I'll get new passports for my family and me so we can escape the U.S. the next time the Soros crowd gets power. How cool is that?

All I need is some manufactured controversy. That's where you come in. I need all of you to request condoms from the new Francisknights, and if you don't get them in 10 business days, Francis will support my takeover.  

Might as well send those requests directly to the Vatican.

Once the takeover is complete, I guess we'll invade Malta. Maybe make it Catholic again.

Won't you help me do that?


Viva Cristo Rey said...

You have to add large amounts of German money to the mix as well.....don't forget the German Bishops and the big money.

chantgirl said...

Ha- If the trads of St. Louis start requesting free condoms, don't be surprised if a truckload shows up to, you know, discourage us from breeding like rabbits ;)

Peggy said...


It's interesting that we've read so much about Malta since Doug Kmiec sold his soul to Barry in exchange for that jewel (!) of an ambassadorship. Did Kmiec bring evil to Malta with him?

traddadof4 said...

I wonder how long it will be before they call up Pat Buchanan and tell him to report to duty down at the local DC gay strip for condom hand-out duty?


Anonymous said...

You will also need to top the $120 million that just bought them.

jimdorchak said...

Ok I am game. Even though I have already escaped to Chile, send me the address so I can send my request. Don't worry I will not let the condom go to waste I will put them on my fingers when I am working with my pigs! It only seems right eh? Pigs can get nasty some times.
Besides it will be nice to visit Malta and see it from the surface. Last time I was there it was on a submarine.

Domenico said...

Tim, congrats for getting the attention of http://canon212.com/! They provided a link to this post.

See ya' at Mass!