28 January 2017

My Last Word on the Subject

Francis is:

a) the Pope. I'm running out of things to say about the Vicar of Christ that don't amount to insulting him. There is no mileage in insulting the Vicar of Christ. In my view, this is the most disastrous papacy in history, and he is destroying so much that is good and true that it breaks my heart. And it angers me. I need to pray more, trust in the Lord, and will refrain from commenting further.

b) not the Pope. Which would make me want to do much, much more in calling him out. But I cannot unilaterally declare him such, and there is no mileage in rank internet speculation on such a question. One must submit to the Roman Pontiff in order to be saved, in all non-sinful things. Only the Church can declare if he ever loses, or has lost, or has never gained, the office.  I need to pray more, trust in the Lord, and will refrain from commenting further.

From now on, I will say nothing of the man but will limit myself to addressing issues of faith while begging God to relieve us of this disaster. I suppose other persons will soon enough fall under the eye.  God help us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


Curmudgeon KC said...

Submission in all non-sinful things: can't think of anything he has said lately that isn't either a mere (perhaps coincidental) restatement of some aspect of Catholic doctrine that doesn't obstruct his agenda, or else leads to sin. Especially the sin of scandal. That being the case, there's really not much that requires our submission to him personally,

The Bear said...

Betcha ;-)

We all gotta do what we gotta do, and things are so messed up I am totally in "Who am I to judge?" mode when it comes to my fellow ephemeristas. Cognitive dissonance is thick enough to cut with a knife. I will be giving up the Pope for Lent, however.