30 January 2017


Sorry I'm a bit late on this, but it looks like some of the chickens may at last be coming home to roost over at SNAP, the organization whose stated purpose is to provide support for those abused by priests. It has appeared to some over the years that perhaps there may have been another agenda unrelated to such a laudable one as claimed. But perhaps that is a matter of opinion.

According to the Post-Dispatch, SNAP is facing a lawsuit claiming it colluded with attorneys for the alleged victims. A quote from the story:

“SNAP does not focus on protecting or helping survivors — it exploits them,” the lawsuit says. “SNAP routinely accepts financial kickbacks from attorneys in the form of ‘donations.’ In exchange for the kickbacks, SNAP refers survivors as potential clients to attorneys, who then file lawsuits on behalf of the survivors against the Catholic Church.”

A strong allegation. We'll see where it leads.

And this follows on the heels of a federal judge siding with a priest against SNAP who claimed SNAP defamed him with false allegations. A quote from the story:

Jackson said the court will direct that it has been established that SNAP defendants did conspire together “to obtain plaintiff’s conviction on sexual abuse charges” and that it was because of “discriminatory animus against plaintiff based on his religion, religious vocation, race, and national origin.”

Hmmm.  And we learn also that David Clohessy, SNAP's longtime leader, has resigned. But we are assured that it had nothing to do with the lawsuit above.

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