30 January 2017

Still with Burke

-- Still waiting for the dubia to be answered.
-- I Don't believe any of the slanders published against him.
-- I Trust him to do what he says, and pray for his vindication.
-- His vindication will be the vindication of Christ and His Church.
-- The sheep know the voice of their Master and flee the hireling.
-- As long as Burke is with Christ, I'm with Burke.
-- I know I'm not alone.

God bless you, Cardinal Burke! Stand firm.


Cardinal Burke said...

OK, thank you.

Xplant said...


Hildebrandon said...

Now wait for the unjust suspension a divinis.

Then support him.

Then - welcome Lefebvre Redux.

Elizabeth R said...

I agree

JBQ said...

If you look at the coat of arms, you will note two objects. One is a lion and the other is the Cross of Lorraine which was the symbol of the French Resistance.