27 January 2017


When a modernist uses the term "renewal", he means destruction. 

The Knights of Malta have one last chance to stand with Christ, against the destroyers who would cast Christ's commands into the gutter and who support the violaton of the natual law. It's that simple.

Full story from Rorate Caeli, a post by Roberto de Mattei.

Knights-- you beat the Turks! Don't surrender now.


traddadof4 said...

And the people who became Knights of Malta thought they were taking a nice cushy honorary title and would not have to make any tough decisions ever.

thetimman said...

And that's it then.

I'm glad you are here with me Sam. Here, at the end of all things.

Justina said...

Only we can't use the Sam Gamgee quote until the Ring of Power has been cast into the fires of Mount Doom. And since Our Lady is God's designated destroyer of all heresies, our only hope is to place ourselves and, by implication all things, into Her own most capable hands. St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us!