06 February 2017

A Warning: Saint Louis Catholic Will Not Condone This Outrage

In all my years as a highly successful blogger, role model and-- may I say-- hero, I have never condoned putting up posters without appropriate municipal permission. The posters in the image above were just so illegally placed in Rome last week. 

The posters show the Pope in a pensive mood, with text in Italian translated thusly:

“Hey Francis, you have policed the Congregations, removed priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals… but where is your mercy?”

I'm not sure I get the references; who knows what they mean?

But anyway. Shame on the person or persons behind this. Think of the environmental damage of the relative loss of trees. Think of the danger to public health should someone sniff the glue used to post them. Think of the loss of income of the public servant who gets paid to approve posters in public spaces.

No, the ends don't justify the means. We are not Machiavelli.


Hildebrandon said...

It would be even worse if someone were to additionally deface the posters with, say, devil horns.

It would be terrible, truly terrible.

Tancred said...

You don't get the references? Have you been asleep?

chantgirl said...

Legitimate dialogue and honest questions can only be squashed for so long before this sort of thing happens. The general public can not be told that they are not seeing what they are seeing, or hearing what they are hearing.

While it is upsetting for me to see the papacy embarrassed in such a way, it it even more upsetting to see and hear the things that are coming from Rome right now.

It is difficult to argue with the content of the posters.

It is a little amusing to me, however, when the Left gets angry when their own tactics are used against them. Guerrilla advertising to challenge a power structure comes straight out of the Left's playbook.

John the Mad said...

When the Vatican establishes a Machiavelli registry, I will sign up as a Machiavellian. I stand with Machiavelli.

CatholicMamaGrizzly said...

For once, I don't think this was a George Soros paid event.

JBQ said...

George Soros is definitely misunderstood just as Joseph Stalin was misunderstood.