20 February 2017

Call to Action: State Legislature Considering Bill to Preempt the City's Abortion Sanctuary Law

N.B. Excellent article by Jennifer Brinker in the St. Louis Review on Missouri House Bill 174, which would pre-empt and invalidate the execrable St. Louis City Board Bill 203.

If passed and signed by the Governor, this bill would preempt the "abortion sanctuary" bill passed by the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen (voted for by every Democrat mayoral candidate on the Board) and signed by the anti-Catholic's favorite "Catholic" mayor, Francis "Gay Marriage" Slay.

The bill is sponsored by Tila Hubrecht, and co-sponsored by Bruce De Groot and Hannah Kelly.

We need to follow this bill, support this bill, publicize this bill, call Representatives, Senators and the Governor. This needs to get done.

Contact information can be found in the Review article linked above.

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