20 February 2017

Cardinal Burke Defends Himself as Only a True Salesian Can

In response to the (to my mind, and to the minds of most who have paid attention to the tactics of Francis' cabal of anti-Natural Law clerics and advisors) laughable attempt by the acting FrancisHead of the Order of Condom Knights of Malta to accuse Cardinal Burke of being the one to ask the condom-distributing Grand Chancellor to resign, the good Cardinal called a spade a spade.

He stated that the accusation was flat-out CALUMNY.

But thetimman! Isn't that wrong of Cardinal Burke to say that? Shouldn't a truly holy man bear calumnies without complaint?! Where is the FrancisMercy?

Well, in response, let us consult the Doctor Caritatis, St. Francis de Sales, on this issue (from The Introduction to the Devout Life):

When any evil happens to you, apply whatever remedies you can and do this in a way agreeable to God, since to do otherwise is to tempt God. Having done this, wait with resignation for the results it may please God to send.  If He pleases to let the evil be remedied, thank Him humbly; but if it be His will that the evil grow greater than the remedies, patiently bless His Holy Name.

Follow Saint Gregory’s advice: When you are justly blamed for some fault you have committed, humble yourself deeply, and confess that you deserve the blame. If the accusation be false, defend yourself quietly, denying the fact; this is but due respect for truth and your neighbour’s edification. But if after you have made your true and legitimate defence you are still accused, do not be troubled, and do not try to press your defence—you have had due respect for truth, have the same now for humility. By acting thus you will not infringe either a due care for your good name, or the affection you are bound to entertain for peace, humility and gentleness of heart.

Although such judgment [detraction, rash judgment, calumny) are passed on to us by foolish and stupid people, we must not forsake the path of virtue even if we suffer loss of reputation.

If because of exercise of piety, advancement in devotion, or progress toward heaven men grunble, murmur, and speak ill of us, let us leave them to bay at the moon. If at times they can cast aspersions on our good name and thus cut and shave off the hair and beard of our reputation, it will quickly grow out again. The razor of detraction will be as useful toward our honor as the pruning knife is to the vine, which makes it abound and multiply in fruit.

Let us always keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ crucified and go forward in his service with confidence and sincerity but with prudence and discretion. He will protect our reputation. If he permits it to be taken away from us, it will either be to give us a better one or to make us profit by holy humility, of which a single ounce is preferable to a thousand pounds of honor. If we are condemned unjustly, let us calmly oppose truth to calumny. If the calumny continues, let us continue to humble ourselves. By surrendering our reputation together with our soul into God’s hands, we safeguard it in the best way possible.

Nevertheless, I except from this certain crimes so horrid and infamous that no man should put up with being falsely charged with them if he can justly acquit himself of it.

I also except certain persons on whose reputation the edification of many others depends. According to the opinion of theologians, in such cases we must quietly seek reparation of the wrong received.

Certainly, His Eminence is acting justly-- and charitably-- to defend his reputation from the libels of others in this case. Thc crime of calumniating a Prince of the Church, whose character is so linked to the edification of others-- in fact, those many or few who are left to defend Christ's words on Matrimony and Holy Communion-- requires a defence.

Now you know. And of course, I think it is obvious whose word is more worthy of belief in this little stand-off.

And we now return you to patiently awaiting the parousia answering of the dubia.

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JBQ said...

The true agenda associated with "Amoris Laetitia" in only just beginning in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. There are massive changes already being plotted and in the incubation stage. Take it to the bank. The end game of this entire charade is the link of Church and state and the call for Vatican III which will be the final piece of the puzzle to create a world socialist government. Someone needs to whisper this in the ear of the Donald. I just don't think that it will be Kelly Anne Conway who is being ostracized by her alma mater, Trinity DC, and its president, Patricia McGuire.