20 February 2017

I Love Stuff Like This, and Hope It's True

Scoffers need not point out things like double hearsay and difficulty in defining fulfillment of the terms.  Got it. Watch anyway. There does seem to be something very interesting developing right in front of us.


Jane Chantal said...

Well, I can only say that, like Fr. Capoverde, I was startled -- and rivited -- when Melania Trump began saying the Our Father. I think it's safe to say that lots of people were startled, and as (inevitably) we have now seen, some were angered. I suspect that many more, like me, experienced a joyful and deeply encouraging sense of cor ad cor loquitor. It was, simply, thrilling.

(I'd remind any who might uncharitably scoff at the idea that Mrs. Trump's heart was speaking, that Jesus's Heart most certainly was speaking -- so what matter?)

I hope it's true too.

Jimmy said...

First of all, this is absolutely laughable.
Secondly, I agree that "there does seem to be something very interesting developing right in front of us," but I don't think you see it as clearly as I. The people who are wailing and gnashing their teeth over what they perceive as a wayward pope and misguided church are the very people who stand in the way of (or at least slowing up) the fulfillment of the kingdom of God. We finally have a Gospel-centered pope who is calling us back to Christ. But all the traditionalists are crying foul because their cultic practices and appeal to the sacred rubric (Sadducees, Pharisees) is far easier and less challenging than actually being what God wants us to be.