15 February 2017

Oh, Boy. Here It Comes.

Steve Skojec asks, "Am I the only one who finds this incredibly suspicious?"

Answer: No.

Let's see. A thought experiment:

1. Send Cardinal Burke to the Knights with a mandate to stop the condom guy. 
2. Serve up Cardinal Burke as having acted without authority. 
3. Take over Knights.
4. Rehire condom guy.
5. Check press find out Cardinal Burke still has many supporters.
6. Send Burke to investigate a sexual abuse claim against the Bishop of Guam because, hey, why not send the Cardinal Patronus of the Knights of Malta to investigate a sexual abuse case against the Bishop? Everybody knows the Cardinal has the complete confidence of the Holy See, and everybody knows how much the Holy See is cracking down on sexual abusers that don't form part of the Pope's inner circle, right?
7. Serve up Cardinal Burke as having mishandled a sexual abuse claim.
8. Take over Malta (see what I did there)?
9. Affirm love for Bishop.
10. Check press to find out if we can finally can Burke for good.

Any questons?

Just one. When will the merciful God relent and have mercy on us? No, we don't deserve it, but please, God, we need it.


PMKD said...

I feel like this is setting up a scene from a movie like The Godfather or Goodfellas or Casino ("there are a lot of holes in the desert...a lot of problems are buried in those holes...")

Sam said...

If he's unwilling to undertake the assignment, then he should just tell Pope Francis. Otherwise, just man up and do the job. It's not like he's got a lot on his plate right now.

RJW said...

"Where there's smoke..."

JBQ said...

It must also be noted through "Rorate Caeli" that the "condom guy" was also dispensing "the morning after abortion pill".

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an isolated island in this Internet world, and Guam is not exactly Siberia. If people think this is a huge setback for Cardinal Burke, I think they need to look again. It may be a tropical vacation, at least in the off hours.

Cardinal Burke can do his job in Guam and still keep his hand in all the other things he has been doing. He can hear testimony in a matter of days and then go back anywhere in the world to put together his judicial ruling. No doubt it will be thorough and fair. After all, he is one of the preeminent canonists in the world.

Jim Cole

Unknown said...

I know there's the promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church...but it ain't lookin too good. Or is that just my bad attitude midway through chemo?