11 February 2017

Phil Lawler's Ecce Homo: a Defense of Cardinal Burke against His Slanderers

Many of us who remain in the Catholic Church during these days of woe have undertaken to write in defense of Cardinal Burke, a man whose kindness, gentleness, truthfulness and charity are so obvious that in a decent world such a defense would be unnecessary.

And as it seems that the powers of satan inside and outside the Church are poised to "take him down at last", whatever that means, I read with gratitude this post by Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture. Phil is no rad-trad; of course in writing for Cardinal Burke such a declaration is also irrelevant.

The title of my post of course comes from the narrative of Our Lord's passion. Pilate, who has had Christ scourged though convinced of His innocence, shows the meek and loving Saviour to His people, expecting to find some love or repentence of their crimes there.  Ecce Homo! Behold the Man! The One Who is innocent, Whose unjust suffering would surely make the mob relent.

No, they just shouted the louder for His death.

I expect no less here. The man on the seat of Peter and his cabal of cronies want blood. I can only hope the rumoured "private correction" of Francis is already delivered. For there remains but one more step then to do.

As much as I would lament the public slanderfixion of Cardinal Burke, or his "demotion" from the Cardinalate "in disgrace", I think I might be in agreement with him that I lament more the effect it might have on whatever Catholic Cardinals and Bishops who might be left in the Church to carry out the process of correcting or-- if obstinate in error-- declaring deposed, a heretic on the throne of Peter.


Anonymous said...

Just a question. What's wrong with being a radtrad? Using that word as a put down has led to these problems in the first place. I'll be a radtrad like Joan of Arc, Benedict etc.

thetimman said...

Answer: nothing. Just making a point of reference for those who do think so.

Jane Chantal said...

I always put "rad trad" in quotes not as sneer quotes, but because the term, without quotes, is generally used mockingly by those who use it, and generally reflects a desire for Catholics who embrace the TLM and the teachings of the Church to remain marginalized.