20 March 2017

Still Kicking

Sorry for the absolute dearth of posts.  I have not given up blogging for Lent. I am not dumbfounded by the Vatican.

I am just as busy as I can be at work.  Busier than I have been in years.  Lots of work stemming from the new administration, and lots of tight deadlines with lots at stake.  Thanks for checking back here when you do.  I can see blogging picking up in about 10 days or so. And I will try to post before then if I can.

I really feel badly for not posting the interview Mother Miriam was kind enough to give me, but I have been so slammed as to not be able to finish transcribing it.  I will get that up still.

Thanks. Sorry.  Blessed Lent. See you soon...

1 comment:

Laurel said...

Take your time and attend to your work. We're all still here and we understand those times when your running down the corridor at Mach 3 with your hair on fire!