08 April 2017

St. Francis de Sales Oratory Wins Most Beautiful Church in America Contest

As you have followed and likely know by now, the Oratory won the Art & Liturgy National Churchpionship 2017 in voting that concluded Thursday night.  Thank you if you voted.

There are other stories covering the news, but I enjoyed this piece at St. Louis Magazine.

Low Masses every day at 8 am; Additional High Mass on Sunday at 10am; other Masses through the week as indicated in the bulletin.  If you haven't assisted at Solemn High Mass at the Oratory, you are missing a truly mystical experience.  As I commented on another site, the Mass is infinitely more beautiful than even this beautiful church.  Of course, the Mass in such a setting only adds to the total beauty and harmony of the worship of God.


Jeannie Holler said...

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the most perfect prayer.
The Latin Mass in the Extraordinary form..
The most beautiful thing this side of heaven.
I never realized the beauty of the Holy Msss but it was through my studies and St. Francis de Sales, that I came to the full
Truth !

Karen said...


The Bear said...

It is a wonder to uplift the soul to God. Good choice.

Anonymous said...

Please inform the St. Louis review about this. More Catholics may want to attend who haven't read the magazine. Thank you Jesus for giving us this opportunity to attend a Latin Mass