07 April 2017

"You are not liked at St. Francis de Sales."

I have received lots and lots of emails and comments in the ten years I've written this blog. Many of them have been directed to-- or at-- me personally. I'm used to receiving the bouquets and brickbats, so to speak.  Much of the vitriol sent my way actually amuses me, and and other times motivates me.

Yet I have to admit that last night I received an attempted comment on one of my posts that has to be the single most hateful, mean-spirited, and depressingly hurtful thing I've gotten in ten years. The author used my real name, I suppose as a threat (?) or sign of their moral intensity.  Re-reading it in the light of day takes the edge off of my initial reaction.  Who knows? Maybe it's not that bad. All I can say is that when I read it, it bothered me a great deal. So, congratulations, anonymous friend, your comment will be published (redacted, but otherwise verbatim):

--------, I saw your comment in the Post Dispatch today. It was sick, disgusting, and anti-Catholic. I know who you are and will be watching you at St Francis de Sales. The abortion legislation will be overturned in the city of St Louis by the Missouri legislature but State Senator Onder from Lake St Louis has no right to change the name of the St Louis Zoo to the "Abortion Sanctuary City Zoo." If the people of St Charles want to pay a tax, that's fine. If they don't that's fine and that is their right. Let them vote. That is their right. That's their choice. But if you applaud him saying we should change our zoo to that name, you are a sick human being full of anger. You are not liked at St Francis de Sales. See you in the confessional line. -------- you do not help people come back to the church of Jesus Christ. You push them away with your arrogance and pride. Please be advised.

-Catholic City Resident and Latin Mass goer

Thank you, Catholic City Resident and Latin Mass goer. It is good to know that I'll be watched by someone who knows my name and thinks I'm a sick human being full of anger, while I assist at Mass in a place where I am not liked. 

Man, do I love blogging.


Athelstane said...

I have the suspicion that our friendly poster might not, in fact, be a Latin Mass goer.

Might well be Catholic, though.

Delena said...

Congrats! You have your first stalker! You're a blogging superstar!
For what it's worth, my family and I think you and your family are pretty dang awesome.
True story.

Noel Brown said...

Who cares if the weirdo doesn't like you? You are worshipping God in one of his most beautiful houses and in the most perfect liturgy this side of Heaven. Don't let it ruin your Lent. Speaking of which I hope you gave up listening to Robert Zimmerman. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I believe the commenter is misunderstanding the political situation here and thinks you are in favor of an "abortion sanctuary city" -- when in reality, Rep. Onder and you are trying to make a Pro-life statement. That's the only way the "anti-Catholic" accusation makes any sense.

And for what it's worth, I have eyes, too, and can see what this person cannot obviously see at DeSales. It is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. I wouldn't waste a moment of time thinking about this person's judgement of you. Anyone who reads this blog or meets/knows you would find it nonsensical.


Another Trad Catholic with Eyes

Frank said...

That's a great letter! It's the kind you get when you hit a nerve or turned over a rock, sort of like an exorcism.

thetimman said...

Thanks for the pep talks, I do appreciate it. Like I said, it just hit me in a particular way at a particular moment. I'm moving on.

A blessed Holy Week and Triduum to all readers.

thetimman said...

P.S. for Holy Week, try listening to Robert Zimmerman's great, valedictory effort: Time Out of Mind. At sunset, turn down the lights, listen start to finish. With bourbon.

You're welcome.

Peggy said...

I find that kind of email creepy myself. Take heart and have courage. Congrats to St Francis de Sales!

On more important matters, is it not time for a Fire Matheny post?

A blessed Holy Week to you and yours.

ItalianMama said...

The person who wrote the "hate mail" obviously doesn't know you, Timman! We love you at church, and don't mind your idiosyncrasies. Just kidding, you are a regular guy. Really.

Jeannie Holler said...

A blessed Holy Week to you and your lovely family.
Such great news on St.Francis de Sales..