20 June 2017

A Rare Moment of Sanity in the City of Saint Louis

We briefly interrupt our city's descent into barbarism with some cautiously optimistic news. A city judge has issued an injunction against the City of Saint Louis, halting Lyda Krewson's number one priority-- the removal of the Confederate monument in Forest Park. Evita's Lyda's krews were halted mid-operation yesterday, even as steel plates were bored into the granite top to facilitate a crane to hoist it into oblivion.

Whenever a judge, even a lowly circuit court judge, shows respect for the rule of law these days, I admit to being pleasantly surprised. As a lawyer, I guess I shouldn't be. But there it is.

No further destruction can be done to this work of art until a hearing on July 6 to consider the question of ownership. The Daughters of the Confederacy gave deed of ownership to the Missouri Civil War Museum, which--get this-- wants the monument, will pay to move the monument to its location, and will pay to clean it up.  It would cost the city nothing

Remember when Lyda said that the delay in her Great Leap Forward was  caused by lack of funds, and how she eventually said some public money would be required to remove it? So one might expect a grateful city to thank the museum for taking such a thorny problem off its hands?  

No. That is what a decent and sane person would do. We're talking about Lyda Krewson and the Board of Aldermen. They don't want anyone to actually ever see this monument again. So, they will spend my tax dollars, maybe yours, too, to fight this in court. The Post-Dispatch covers the story here

The inmates are running the asylum, and they just happen to be the Soviet Politburo--without the charm.

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