26 June 2017

Caeli Enarrant Gloriam Dei et Opera Manuum Eius Adnuntiat Firmamentum

If you have ever spent time in St. Louis in the Summer, you will know just how glorious the weather was this past weekend. Temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s without a trace of humidity. Sunny skies and a fair breeze. It's enough to make the hardest-hearted atheist write the Summa Theologiae.

If you have ever spent time with me, you will know my idea of yard work is to take the cover off of the grill. But Saturday morning found our whole family outside trimming trees, weeding the garden, and clearing out some unpleasant growth around the fence line. And I'm sure you will have felt this feeling before, everyone working together, making shorter work of things, seeing the immediate result of your efforts. A team effort. After that, we cleaned up and had a great time outdoors with friends, with great conversation and conviviality.

Then came Sunday, with the weather still glorious. High Mass at the Oratory with the temperature inside just fine. Beautiful Mass. Confession. Conversation in the hall. Then home, and back outdoors. I'm sure the local birds and squirrels were on red alert to see me outside so much. They'll talk about it for decades. Made some BBQ ribs and the whole family played outside. We even ate outside-- again, if you know me, this is perhaps a sign of the apocalypse. 

Then family Rosary and children to bed. A great, great weekend.

Why am I writing this?

The whole weekend just begged for thanksgiving. And so I give thanks to God. If one weekend in this vale of tears can be so good, I really hope I make it to Heaven.

Back to work.


Fr. Andrew said...

Very happy to hear you had a great weekend! Praise the Lord who lifts up the lowly.

PMKD said...

Well said!! We enjoyed our weekend in a similar manner outside. Perhaps I should hire your family to remove the moles in my backyard :)