15 June 2017

For the Fatima File: A Reluctant but Necessary Snapshot of the Church's Destruction

I'm sure you picked up on the recent period of light posting, which I think I'm past at long last. But independently of that, I have tried-- and I mean reeeeallllly tried-- to limit my posts on the usual, daily disaster coming out of the current occupant of the See of Peter. Some reasonsfor this I've given before.

Thus, posting daily or weekly in order to beat the same dead horse isn't productive and serves to cause despair at the risk of pride. However, I still think it is important to point out the egregious things being done by Francis for several reasons: 1) The Church is the Bride of Christ and deserves to be defended; 2) There could be, I suppose, some Catholics who still haven't figured out the total disaster this is; and, 3) I don't want anyone to think that prolonged silence on my part means I no longer oppose and am no longer dismayed by the horrible and ongoing destruction.

So, to sum up, it is with some reluctance yet some compulsion that I post this link to a true, and truly devastating piece by thegreat Christopher Ferrara at Fatima Perspectives. 

You should read it, and pray. The destruction is ongoing and gaining all worldly momentum. Only Our Lady can save us, as she so pointedly said at Fatima.

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