08 June 2017

Good Political News on the Pro-Life Front

The political marriage of the pro-life movement and the GOP has been a rough one, and at times simply a marriage of convenience. I have long been tired of the lap dog, "we just need one more Justice on the Court so vote for Romney" thing. But when politicians come through, we should acknowledge it.  Good news today on both the national and the state fronts.

First, as this article in Brietbart relates, the Trump administration is set to finally undo the ridiculous, unconstitutional mandate that religious organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor pay for contraceptive coverage. Some weeks back, when the government asked for a continuance to file a responsive pleading in that case, lots of Facebook angst ensued-- particularly from the hoping-to-be-vindicated NeverTrumpers. I wrote at the time that this was a development capable of many interpretations, and most of them benign. And so it was. This chapter of the anti-Christian Obama regime appears to be over.

Secondly, I have to credit Governor Greitens for calling a second special session for the legislature to pass a bill overturning and preempting the St. Louis abortion sanctuary city ordinance.  When the legislature failed to address this (despite having the votes) in the regular session and the first special session, I was a bit miffed.  I am grateful this is now being corrected. It is only a secondary benefit that it will overturn the vote of the pro-abortion, tax-wasting, spineless mayor of Saint Louis.  But of course we know she has better things to do anyway, like re-writing history to placate special interest groups.

Great developments, but we must always press for the complete prohibition of abortion; how can we have the temerity to ask God to bless this land until we do?

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