07 June 2017

Impeach Lyda Krewson

Her brilliant plan to use taxpayers' money to remove an historical monument and work of art can only be execrated. Her mentor, Francis Slay, had an even more brilliant plan to drop the monument down a literal memory hole.

Look at the monument above. There is no battle flag on that carving. There are no hate symbols-- unless, that is, you see a white family as a hate symbol. The Civil War was one that found persons of good will on both sides. Many on both sides fought with honor. Their causes you may agree with or disagree with, but using a twentieth century lens to do so seems a trifle unfair.  At least we should can the righteous indignation and virture signalling in favor of a government that now stands for the legal slaughter of millions of little babies.

Money for abortionists. Laws to allow abortionists to sue pro-lifers for thoughtcrimes. Dropping history down the memory hole.  

Lyda Krewson-- the perfect Mayor for 1984.


Peggy said...

This will happen after the "leader of men" is let go.

Don't hold your breath, in other words.

BD said...

Our love is as wide as thy woe;
It deepens beside every grave
Where the heart of a hero lies low.

Land of the sunniest skies!
Our love glows the more for thy gloom;
Our hearts by the saddest of ties,
Cling closest to thee in thy doom.

Land where the desolate weep
In a sorrow no voice may console,
Our tears are but streams making deep
The ocean of love in our soul.

Land where the victor's flag waves,
Where only the dead are the free;
Each link of the chain that enslaves,
But binds us to them and to thee.

Land where the Sign of the Cross
Its shadow hath everywhere shed,
We measure our love by thy loss,--
Thy loss--by the graves of our dead!

"Land of the gentle and brave" by Fr. Ryan

The last two stanzas are especially fitting for the Rome of the West.

Deo Vindice!

JBQ said...

"The barbarians are inside and there are no gates." Mark Steyn, On Paris, Nov 2015