15 June 2017

St. Louis City's Politicians Want to Shove. Abortion. Down. Your. Throat.

What are we going to do about this?

A longtime reader sent me this email about more city baby-killing shenanigans. Just as the State legislature is trying to save the City from itself by overturning the "abortion sanctuary city ordinance", the city is trying to pass more unjust ordinances to make it harder to protest against the murder of babies in St. Louis by trying to create more ways to arrest, prosecute and otherwise persecute pro-lifers. 

In addition, he calls attention to another proposed ordinance that seeks to tax non-profits. 

He says it well, and I present the entire email here:


    I hope this note finds you well.  A couple of issues have cropped up lately that you may already be well-familiar with, but if not, you might want to bring them to your readership's attention:

1) The St. Louis Board of Aldermen held a hearing on BB34, the bill creating "buffer zones" for "health care facilities", on Tuesday, June 13.  The progressives of the Board, citing an epidemic of "sidewalk harassment" and "traffic hazards" (strangely, Planned Parenthood never offers video evidence despite its nearly omni-present cameras) are actually hoping this bill will protect Planned Parenthood's revenues from the efforts of pro-life sidewalk counselors.  You might want to urge your readers to contact their alderwoman/alderman - aldermanic members have cited mail volume previously as an influence on their votes.  Finally, if BB34 does eventually pass, your readers might want to consider boycotting the City to the extent they can.

2) Alderman Steve Conway is floating the idea of a 0.5% payroll tax on non-profits with more than 20 employees to fund police retention and hiring.  The City has money to move obscure monuments, maintain under-used bike lanes, and upgrade stadiums.  It taxes my charitable donations already by not offering a charitable deduction on the earnings tax, thus deciding the City warrants 1% of that money because it briefly touched my account on the trip from my employer to my chosen cause.  It taxes City residents who work in the County at the full 1%, even though we do not use City services for 1/3 of the day (and our increasing property taxes presumably cover the cost of watching over our homes).  It taxes County residents who work in the City at the full 1%, even though they do not use City services 2/3 of the day.  Despite all of this, when it comes to that most basic governmental function of providing security, the City needs to extract money from charities to make that happen.  And nor should small charities take comfort, even if they never cross the threshold from "valuable community asset" to "freeloader" by hiring that 20th employee; once the law is changed, it becomes much easier for it to eventually be amended down to non-profits with a handful of employees.

    Please urge your readers to contact their alderwomen/aldermen and attend the listening sessions.  If this tax passes, they might wish to consider doing some shopping outside of the City, so that the sales tax lost offsets the payroll revenue gained.

Thanks much for your consideration.

God bless,



As an aside, I wanted to report that the results of our latest poll are in, and an overwhelming 100% of those responding agree that Lyda Krewson should be impeached.  100%! Take that, Lyda.

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JBJ said...

Timman and readers:

I have included below links to the ordinance and the official St. Louis Government youtube channel that has a recording of the hearing:



If you are spiritually prepared, perhaps it is worth watching the hearing proceeding to see first hand how terrible the new generation of supporters of abortion are (if you needed any conformation), and to see their tactics. Sadly, the pro-aborts had the St. Louis Police and the City Counselor's Office, among many others, testify on their behalf.

Remember the First Fridays and the First Saturday devotions, and other acts of reparation, as our Blessed Lord was blasphemed at least once at the hearing (mark 1:06:20, et seq.).

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.