01 July 2017

Captain Obvious to Four Random Cardinals

Captain Obvious here: It is BEYOND time for the College of Cardinals to take decisive action about Francis. And if we can assume many or even most Cardinals have ceased to be manly Catholics, then how about any smaller number-- let's say FOUR of them-- declare Amoris Laetitia heresy and demand a retraction on pain of self-deposition. Assuming of course that the guy with the white hair and cassock who always has to double check Francis' consistory choices and canonizations isn't actually the real Pope. 

And how about some Cardinals-- maybe FOUR of them at least-- take the Pope Emeritus for a nice drive to a new location and hold a press conference where they they can all say with a hand on the Bible that Benedict actually abdicated.  If he did, drive him back home, give him some soup and a good book, wish him well, and then issue the condemnation of A.L. If he did not, declare the truth and accept the consequences. Maybe even consecrate Russia. 

More than four of the Catholic faithful of the world will stand with you either way. 

And who cares what happens? Are they afraid of schism? HA! Persecution and death? With God's grace we may endure that, but this slow killing of the Bride of Christ by the cabal of those who flout Natural and Revealed Law is infinitely worse.

Come on, Gentlemen! The wolves feast on the innocent! Do your jobs! 

Back to reality. Captain Obvious knows, of course that NONE of this will happen. 

People, pray to Mary to end this thing. Try your best to stay in the state of Grace and receive the sacraments while you can. As the former current former Pope just reminded us, the Lord wins in the end.


The Bear said...

No one will do anything. The Bear suspects it is no longer about "doing something" than simply choosing sides. We are witnessing the winnowing. Perhaps not even one cardinal will take action necessary for his salvation when he stands before the Judge and is asked what he did while Francis made an irretrievable mockery of the Faith. Bear can say, "I did what I could. I wrote a book. I blogged tirelessly against Francis. I prayed and tried to bring up four kids in the Faith. Bear is small, with no power to challenge popes, and his efforts were pitiful."

And that is all many of us will be able to say. We don't risk much behind our computer monitors. Perhaps mercy will be shown to those with the power who failed to give a meaningful challenge through human frailty. It cannot be easy for a cardinal to take a stand against a pope. The Catholic Church is not designed that way. It is a monarchy, not a democracy.

Pick your side. Make it known. Keep the Faith if the whole Church thinks you are the one who is upside down, not it. No one will "do something." But everyone will be found to have chosen a side, whether they wanted to or not. Sheep and goats, sheep and goats.

Kathleen1031 said...

Right again, O wise Bear. The future is fascinating, whatever will happen. We would be potted plants if we did not wonder how this will be resolved, an epic and timeless battle, between good and evil. We know the end result, God will win, as Benedict reminded us, but oh, what is in the middle.
I agree with you, be faithful, let your feelings be known, defend Jesus, His Mother, the faith, whenever you can.
I did not think at all the Four Cardinals would do anything. I was surprised though, they asked for another meeting. That they did that, means to me they are intent on an answer. I remember reading that while there is no formal protocol exactly, there is a methodology for issuing a formal correction, and the time frame put it at something like, ask for a meeting, wait six months, ask again, wait, if no answer, I believe it was to publicly state the case.
God uses weak people to accomplish great things. We may yet see a formal public correction. It would be a wonderful surprise, but not a shock. There may be four faithful Cardinals yet.
May our merciful God help us. Amen.

Peggy said...

My pastor chose to take a stand against Bp Paprocki to the north of us. He rings up the EStL race riots of 100 years ago which is all over the BND & STLToday. What about the men who died at Gettysburg 164 years ago, eh?

Anyhoo, we are to "welcome homosexuals and transgenders" as well as the refugees, etc. He said this at a Sunday mass with children present. O goody. "Mommmy, what's a 'homosexual'?"

I didn't get to ask afterward if we were to welcome active rapists, murderers and the like as well.

Thanks, Francis.

JBQ said...

Really sad but all is in the hands of a just God. Justice comes before mercy.

Sam said...

You Pope Francis haters are nuts--and you're dangerously close to excommunicating yourselves. Go to confession.

Lynne said...

I guess we understand now how difficult it was for Abp Lefebvre to do what *he* did, oh and btw, now there's only 3 cardinals (of the dubia). And speaking of dubia, Abp Lefebvre's wa never answered either...