24 July 2017

Foot of Pride Comes Down: Charlie Gard's Parents Giving Up the Fight against Their Son's Murderers

Story at LifeSiteNews here. The story from the state media arm of the murdering nation is here.

They got some beautiful people out there, man
They can be a terror to your mind and show you how to hold your tongue
They got mystery written all over their forehead
They kill babies in the crib and say only the good die young

They don't believe in mercy
Judgment on them is something that you'll never see
They can exalt you up or bring you down main route
Turn you into anything that they want you to be

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

--Bob Dylan, Foot of Pride

Well, England, so proud of your traditions of law, human rights and government, yet who rejected the true faith: You killed the Catholic martyrs; you continue to kill the innocents among you. You killed a little baby whose cure would have not only cost you nothing, but would have saved a bit of money from your rationed and managed oh-so-humane system. Because you could. Because you wanted to.

I say, Islam can have you. Enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

Any word on the special issue of La Civiltà Cattolica attacking these UK policies?

-Spadaro/Clinton 2020

Sam said...

Where is your compassion for Charlie's poor, grieving parents?

Patricia said...

Bob Dylan's lyrics are pretty strong, but great Britain has invited in Islamic people now ruining this beautiful country.Like trying to remove a cancerous growth to rid their country of terrorists.
I can only pray for a miracle.

thetimman said...

Sam, i have nothing but compassion for them. Don't imagine i consider them to be the murderers.