13 July 2017

In This Generation There Is No Room for the Cowardly

“I am a more than convinced Apostolic Roman Catholic, seeing that I have reached the true sense of Religion through the refining of  physical and moral suffering: I owe nothing to anyone, I have no honours nor prebends to defend, and I thank God for everything. Within the limits that the Church allows, I may dissent, I may talk, I may act: I have to talk and I have to act: it would be cowardice not to. And allow me say, that in our Home, also in this generation, there is no room for the cowardly.”

--Princess Elvina Pallavicini, 1977

“Today the most serious obligation for a Catholic is that of conserving the Faith. It is not licit to obey those who are working to diminish Her or make Her disappear. With Baptism we asked the Church for the Faith because the Faith conducts us to eternal life.  We will continue to our very last breath to ask the Church for this Faith.”

--Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, 1977

Two "money" quotes from a great repost at Rorate Caeli by Roberto de Mattei.

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Lynne said...

What a wonderful article by Roberto de Mattei. I finally got around to reading it... It makes me respect Abp Lefebvre even more, as if that were possible.