11 July 2017

Sweden to Force Religious Ministers to Perform Fake Marriage Ceremonies for Sodomites

This falling domino is not surprising, but I follow it with interest as the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has an apostolate in Stockholm. This story indicates that this edict is only applied to the Swedish protestant organization, whose ministers the article calls "priests".  The crisis for Catholic priests has not yet come.  Like I said, it's a domino.

It got me thinking, though, that when it does come, what percentage of Catholic priests will refuse to offer that incense to Moloch? Does your guess change whether the priest is in Europe or the U.S.? Africa?

So, how about it? Leave your predictions in the combox.  How many priests will refuse to go along with this when the time comes? Give a % based on worldwide, and one based on your country (please identify).

My guess: 5% worldwide will refuse to go along, and maybe 12% in the U.S. But I'm a natural optimist.


thetimman said...

These numbers are also based on the fact that I see the traditional communities refusing to perform these sacrileges at about a 98% clip.

NoSurrender.1917 said...

During Diocletian's persecution, many people renounced their faith and how many remained Catholic under Elizabeth I? Almost none. So we can certainly expect lapses. I would venture that most of the homosexual, sexually active, and Francis backing priests would go along with it. Most of the laity, however, would lapse as well. So what percentage is that? In the US I would say maybe upwards of 85%. It would also depend on how many priest holes we build. I don't want to insult them but a few things stare at us: our priests do not seem particularly robust, never really managing to denounce concupiscence from the pulpit, and in a real fight, intellectuals are the first to run. Africa may fare better than Europe and the Americas. This seems slightly cruel as a wager doesn't it? Can any of us be sure we would be willing to lose, jobs, family, friends and perhaps more when it would be so easy to tell ourselves something like "in my heart and mind I will be true". "...lead us not into temptation" is there because most of us are weak.

thetimman said...

Amen to our own weakness. We must not presume any of us.