21 August 2017

Well, I Have to Say That It Was Impressive

The crickets chirping was a bit of a surprise, as was just how bright the day was until juuuust before totality.

I can see why the ancients would freak.  Maybe we should freak more, if it changed our behavior.

Signum magnum apparuit in caelo: mulier amicta sole, et luna sub pedibus ejus, et in capite ejus corona stellarum duodecim.

Cantate Domino canticum novum: quia mirabília fecit. Gloria Patri, etc.


And...food for thought from Laramie Hirsch.


Peggy said...

I noticed the crickets going crazy too.

ATW said...

It was well worth the 10 hour drive to St. Louis. Not only did my family and I get to see a "great sign in the heavens," but we got to attend Mass at St. Francis de Sales Oratory three days in a row, Including the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I got to talk with thetimman at the Summer at the Oratory BBQ. A trifecta!

Unknown said...

I liked the sunset-y glow at the horizon! We were at the back of the Shrewsbury City Center, which is up high and could see fireworks being set off in the distance.