07 August 2017

What Stands in the Way of the Global Secular Order? Look at Whom Francis Targets

The Church Militant-- the Bride of Christ, the Church on earth, governed by a vigorous, orthodox Pope and Bishops united with him, teaching what she has always taught.

The United States of America-- no, not that shining city on a hill, Puritan thing. Merely this, an independent nation-state, Western and Christian in its general ethos, supporting independence, powerful enough to resist the globalists.

Russia-- Christian Russia. An independent nation-state, Eastern and Christian in its general ethos, supporting independence (especially Christian), powerful enough to resist the globalists.

What do these groups have in common these days? 1. Belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. 2. The need for a role in society of the Church and the State (though they disagree on some boundaries thereto). 3. The necessary integrity of the nation-state as the primary actor of international law. As a corollary to this, consider that these groups are all that are left in opposition to invasion-by-immigration by Mohammedans to the West. 4. This last trait is most tenuous in what is left of the U.S., but support of the traditional family, right to life, marriage, subsidiarity, etc.

Francis has threatened with excommunication (whatever he means by this term) all of the above. Some directly, some by public attack designed to ostracize them.

It goes without saying that all of these institutions are weakened from the height of their power and are greatly under attack by the diabolical forces so freely at work today 

Of the three, only Russia seems to be getting stronger from its low point. I submit that this is precisely because it has embraced Christianity in at least some sense after the displacement of the communist government. Russia supports Christians in the Middle East and at home. It supports traditional families and marriage. It opposes the sexual perversion policy of the West and the Mohammedan invastion. That is why the global secular elites want it destroyed.

The United States and the Church are both on their knees, attacked so successfully from within. Trump's victory, whatever he does or doesn't actually accomplish, stands for the things for which America used to stand. He got through the guardians of the system, proving they don't have everything their own way yet. They must destroy him, and with him, they imagine, the last chance of America being America again.

I don't think any reader of this blog needs me to prove that Francis has nearly completed the work of destruction of the visible Church that was planted fifty years ago or more, and which worked, worked, rotting the foundations, until he could push over the rotten superstructure. And yet, the Church cannot really be killed. There are always faithful Catholics, lay and clergy. These he will attack, openly or not, until he can get rid of us at last (spoiler alert: he can't).

Anyway, a rambling post, but one I wanted to go on record to say. Just as I knew I wanted to support Trump in 2016 based merely on his enemies list, so now, thanks to this open war between the elites and civilization--inside the Church and out-- you can see who are the forces for sanity based on the same enemies list.

Whenever Trump and Putin are "dealt with", we are left at last defenseless; that is to say, we will have no earthly protection left. I pray daily that Our Lord and Lady will act decisively despite our unworthiness.

Come Lord Jesus! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


As an aside, in its own little sphere, the Mafia has earned its own FrancisScorn.  What? The mafia? Aren't they scumbags? Well, perhaps, but consider their function only as it relates to governance of peoples. They step in when the state and/or Church fails (even if they contribute to that failure), and provide services, structure, governance, and its own form of "criminal justice". And consider the vigor with which Francis goes after them.  A vigor, I might add, he saves only for hectoring and belittling traditional Catholics. Why? I think, mostly, that these days they stand as a force against Mohammedan invasion of Sicily and Italy. And they have a type of "family and country" patriotism, within the obvious limits of a criminal enterprise.


Anonymous said...

One thing this pontificate has done for me is clarified the reality of the spiritual rebellion involved in a "one world government." I'd heard that phrase before but never really understood it. It seems ironic to me that Pope Francis' claims one of his favorite novels is "Lord of the World," by Robert Hugh Benson. This novel truly brought it into clarity- I reject all union that doesn't have Jesus Christ as it's center.

The irony (or incongruity?) grows when I remember His Holiness saying that the Church is "not just another NGO." Is he innocent? Is he mad? Is he confused? I just don't know.

I do my best to preach on the primacy of Jesus and to direct souls towards His Kingship. It's a hard decision to weight how deeply to involve the laity in these questions- especially when I'm just trying to win them over to basic conversion in the spiritual and moral life. For those who ask, I tell.

Posting anonymously- the priest brother of the Doc you miss.

JBQ said...

Children are being used as "agents of change". Even in this archdiocese, parochial schools are being closed in favor of regional schools where the children can be taught the advantages of socialization. Minorities pay no tuition while the children of first line European immigrants pay double in order to redistribute wealth.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong about the Mafia stopping a leftist orchestrated Muslim invasion of Europe. They are acting as mules bringing "migrants' and "refugees" into Italy for a price. Religion to them is a birthright and probably superstition. They worship money and power.

TradDad said...

Well done. I couldn't Add or take away a single word

TLM said...

When everything seems 'lost' is when the decisive action from Heaven will come, fear not! That said, just when you think things cannot get any worse, they do. After all the evil that we have witnessed both inside the Church and inside our own Government, it will get worse before it gets better. PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!! And yes, Our Lady of Fatima PRAY FOR US!!

Anonymous said...

‘Pope Francis is Not A Man Of God’ | Putin

ATW said...

You were spot on until you got to the mafia.

TradDad said...

To Anon re: the mafia

1) Given the Mafia's well-known aversion to "turf invaders" I highly doubt that they are pro-immigrant as you say. I would like to see link evidence anyway if you please.
2) "Religion to them is a birthright" .. well, it kind of is. What do you think infant baptism is?

Michael Dowd said...

All of this (sort of) makes one want to live in Russia as there are few alternatives to the unfolding disaster.