11 October 2017

Trump the Culture Warrior Engenders Loyalty

The repeal of the HHS mandate, the national anthem protest circus, and Columbus Day-- these public fights waged by the president resonate to greater or lesser degrees, depending upon the Trump voter queried.  But Pat Buchanan correctly notes that there is a reason why Trump's voters are loyal:

“President Trump has a duty to unite us, not divide us” is the mantra of our elites. Yet, since the ‘60s, it is these elites who have been imposing the social, moral and cultural revolution the American people never voted for and which has by now divided us irretrievably.

Call them “deplorables” if you will, but Trump does seem to relish going out to defend the views, values and beliefs of the people who put him where he is. He does not recoil from political conflict.

People who stand by you in a fight are not all that common in politics. When Trump exhibits this quality, he receives in reciprocity the kind of loyalty even his enemies concede he has.


kam said...


JBQ said...

Trump was always the anti candidate. He has flaws to be sure but he has values as well. Therefore until a candidate with values and more expertise emerges, then the Donald has my support and vote.

Peggy said...

It's so hard for the Establishment Ruling Class to get, isn't it.

Do what you say you're gonna do. Do what the people want.