28 December 2017

Adieu to Remy's

Alas, this favorite restaurant of ours is closing for good December 31st. I'm sure C.S. Lewis would point out that there is a more real, everlasting Remy's up in Heaven, "further up and further in." That would be nice indeed.  

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Jane Chantal said...

Though her words do not resonate quite as hauntingly as C. S. Lewis's, I've always been consoled by Agatha Christie's description, in her autobiography, of a visit to the site of her childhood home that had been demolished:

"...I could not even determine in my mind where the house had stood. And then I saw the only clue -- the defiant remains of what had once been a monkey puzzle, struggling to exist in a cluttered back yard. There was no scrap of garden anywhere. All was asphalt. No blade of grass showed green.

I said, 'Brave monkey puzzle' to it, and turned away.

But I minded less after I had seen what had happened. Ashfield had existed once but its day was over. And because whatever has existed still _does_ exist in eternity, Ashfield is still Ashfield. To think of it causes me no more pain."