18 December 2017

Christopher Ferrara's Latest at The Remnant

I can only second the call for the hierarchy to do their jobs and stand with Our Lord against any who would attempt to destroy or desecrate His Bride the Church. I can only second his call for the flock to be assiduous in the task of defending themselves as best they can from the wolves.

Consider this quote he takes from Dom Prosper Gueranger:
"When the shepherd becomes a wolf, the first duty of the flock is to defend itself. The true children of Holy Church, at such times, are those who walk by the light of their Baptism, not the cowardly souls who, under the specious pretext of submission to the powers that be, delay their opposition to the enemy in the hope of receiving instructions which are neither necessary nor desirable."

The Liturgical Year, Vol. IV

Read the rest here: The Dictator Pope: A Call to Hierarchical Opposition


c matt said...

The last time the hierarchy did its job in calling out a wayward Pope, they got ex-communicated. With every passing day, seems to me Msgr. LeFevbre is vindicated. Perhaps he was the true Athanasius of our time (along with Cdl. Ottaviani) and we just didn't know it until now.

Rory said...

c matt...

Thanks. I am glad if our troubles are a grace for you. You prompt me to say about the same. Things haven't been right since I was a little non-Catholic boy in the early 60's. Starting with when Pope John opined that Sister Lucia's third secret, and the consecration of Russia, "was not for out times". No. Let's call an ecumenical council and invite the Communi...er, Russian Orthodox to attend, that lasts for four years instead of having a ceremony that lasts ten minutes. The crisis in the Church didn't, and couldn't start with Pope Francis.

The New Mass (1970) was and is the biggest part of the disaster in the church with its defective Latin and even worse, horrible translations. In the so-called and seldom used Roman Canon of the New Mass, which in Latin does bear some resemblance to the Old Mass, the Nobis quoque peccatoribus, "To us sinners also", is the same Latin, but translated as "For ourselves too" in America. No peccatoribus in America! The New Mass, with its denial that we are sinners has misformed the consciences of most of the neo-conservatives like Cd. Burke who pretend that the crisis is new, that things were great while St. John Paul II prayed with witch doctors.

The funny thing is that all of the indult communities have acted for almost thirty years like everything was all cool in Tradition until 1988, when an aging Abp. Lefebrve got cold feet about an agreement with Rome. They had agreed with him while he was only "suspended" by Rome for the previous thirteen years, but the consecration of the bishops apparently showed them how wrong he(and they) had been.

I guess it was okay to be suspended (schismatic) for believing that the New Mass was defective. But the emergency wasn't such that he should have distrusted conciliar Rome so much as to make more bishops. No. He should just have died suspended without providing for the future. Then everything would have been so much better.

My question for indult (anti-SSPX) Traditonalists today is this: In 2017, do you really wish Abp. Lefebvre hadn't consecrated the bishops? Can you possibly think that the New Mass which Cd. Burke and Pope Benedict XVI call "the Ordinary Form" would have accurate translations, while the Old Mass would be much more available if only Marcel Lefebvre and his little followers had obeyed conciliar Rome in 1988?

(Hey Tim...The New Mass must go, and if Cd. Burke or Benedict XVI won't say it, I am sorry. Publicly, it appears Cd. Burke still would rather I go to some mediocre "For ourselves too Mass", then a Mass of the Society of St. Pius X. He said as much in Medford OR with our Archbishop Sample beside him. Is there not a consecrated hero in our midst who will shout from the housetops how wrong things are? So many would rightly follow such a man, such a martyr. He is the best we have here in America, but he seems so timid. Today, what we have now, with Pope Francis, is what Abp. Lefebvre foresaw. It was inevitable. The Traditional Mass can never be the Extraordinary Form of the same Roman Rite that is permitted to be translated "For ourselves too". Cd. Burke needs to arise from sleep this Advent Season. I do not wish to make him into a devil, knowing how you love him, and how I am in favor of him, but he needs to wake up and recognize that the enemy is within now. He needs to unite with eternal Rome, especially if he could gain a suspension or excommunication from the demonic tyranny that is currently reigning in the Vatican.)

Its long. Edit as you see fit. If you don't agree entirely, I trust you will appreciate a lot of it. Make no mistake, I think we are on the same side, and I hope your Cd. Burke too. May Our Lady of Perpetual Help raise him up.