06 December 2017

Half a Century

So today marks the beginning of my second half-century outside the womb. Fifty years, and I know that most of that time has been squandered, or worse. Still, I know God loves me because I see it in the countless blessings He has given me. First and foremost, His Son and His Son's Church. Thank God I've not lost the faith; I pray always for an increase of faith, hope and charity, not to mention final perseverance and a happy death. I thank all the holy priests, religious, family, and friends who have set such good examples and who have given such support in the faith that it is easy to follow. You know who you are.

Apart from all that, I have been blessed with the most beautiful wife, inside and out, that there exists on this guilty earth. She is the only one who could possibly drag me across the heavenly finish line. A perfect soul mate: generous, kind, patient, loving, longsuffering. Thank you.

And though I can't remember all of their names, I am blessed by 37 wonderful children. Their mother's DNA ensures their worth, and the few faults I can see in their behavior just hold up a mirror to me as a reminder to always do better by them. One of them is even married and produced a super-beautful little granddaughter, so I have Psalm 127:6 covered, too.

I and everything I have are consecrated to Our Blessed Mother. She may dispose of me as she sees fit. What better person to trust?

God bless you all!


Fnem said...

Happy birthday, Timman!

traddadof4 said...

Happy birthday TimMan

Sandpiper said...

Sir, How can you have 37 children? And even if you did have that many through adoption or, God forbid, Frankensteinian reproductive technologies, you should be able to remember all their names.

Happy Birthday.

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday, and may God grant you another fifty! Thank you for your writing on this blog.

thetimman said...

Thanks everybody! And regarding my 37 children, just try to figure how I only have seven readers of this blog. Something is horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from the DJR family in Georgia!
God bless you!

Badger Catholic said...

Hahaha, Happy Birthday Timman, ad multus annos!