19 January 2018

Camino Fun Facts Friday

Did you know...

...that Ferrol, the starting point of the Camino Ingles, is the birthplace of Francisco Franco?

...that the region of Galicia receives about 140 days of rain each year?

...that the pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James the Greater dates back to the ninth century?

...that the Camino Ingles dates back to 1147, when a group of English, German and Flemish Crusaders visited the tomb of St. James?

...that this route, from the North Coast of Spain, hit its zenith during the Hundred Years' War in the 14th and 15th Centuries, due to the inability of the English to travel through the medieval French routes?

...that Henry VIII of England ruined this route for centuries, as he liked to ruin so many good things, because of his divorce from Catherine of Aragon and the country's subsequent hostilities with Spain?

...that of the more than 250,000 who completed the pilgrimage of at least 100km on foot in 2016, only 9,700 traveled the Camino Ingles?

Oh, you did? Never mind then.

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