04 January 2018

Good News for a New Year-- and an Invitation, Too: Traditional Rite Baptism in Jefferson City Diocese

A kind reader in the Diocese of Jefferson City asked me to share his good news, which I am happy to do (slightly edited):  

Long time follower. Thanks for what you do. I appreciate your insight and at your suggestion, I have been to St. Francis de Sales whenever I am in STL, what a wonderful true parish.

I have noticed you like to be abreast of the goings on in the Jefferson City Diocese. My wife and I approached our Pastor two months ago and asked if we could use the church for a Traditional Rite Baptism for our upcoming bundle due January 12th. There is a young priest in the diocese who is available to offer the TLM, a.k.a the real thing. For all we can find, this will be the first Latin Mass/Traditional Baptism at this parish in well over 50 years. The only other Latin Mass in our diocese has been a monthly offering for nearly two years at a 100 person mission in Novinger, Missouri.

Long story short he obliged, quite quickly I might add. I approached him two years ago for the same and it was denied, quite quickly then too.

Things seem to be moving over here, Deo Gratias!

Anywho, we want to pack the place out. In your charity could you suggest to folks you know to head our way if the weather holds out. We want the Pastor to understand just how serious we "trads" a.k.a. actual Catholics are.

I am unsure if you know the Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri (Kirksville), but they are instrumental in making this happen too.
It will be held on January 26th, 2018, Baptism at 4:45 pm, Mass following at 5:30 pm, Fr. Dylan Schrader of Jeff City Diocese will celebrate, a light reception after the events.

"Done up" announcement attached.


Casey Dillon

Glad to oblige, and congratulations! I hope all seven of my readers can make it-- I wish I could, but I will be on the road East on Dad business that day. God bless your family and grant your wife and baby a safe delivery!

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