14 February 2018

Beginnings: Lent and Journeys

Welcome to Lent. I wanted to write today to let the three remaining readers know what has been happening, blog-wise, and to give you a heads-up about plans for the immediate future. It is no shocking announcement that posts have been light and sporadic. The reason is also not shocking. News is almost uniformly bad, tends to depress, and is widely known already by those who care. And though such news needs to be chronicled and digested, there are those who have been doing it well, with greater reach: among others, I note Steve Skojec, Hilary White, Frank Walker, and New Catholic. Also, my work and home duties are many and immediate. And, frankly, my mind doesn't work as well as it used to.

However that may be, I intend to slog blog on, and even to write regularly. The focus will be more personal than merely chronicling events, but as in the past everything is still fair game.

Let me begin by noting some upcoming changes during Lent.  In the early part of March, I will be at last walking the Camino de Santiago, walking the English route from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela and the tomb of St. James the Greater. After much thought, I decided to blog about the journey as I go.  It wasn't an easy call, and maybe I'll regret not "going dark" during the pilgrimage and trying to write about it later. However, I thought that some of you may want to "follow" events as they happen (more or less) and that it would be a better way to chronicle what I go through than trying to carve out time and memory later.  We shall see.

Which brings me to the practical consequence of this decision. The blogging platform I use for this site, Blogger, is-- shall I say this delicately-- not cool.  It is hard to use, particularly on a mobile device. It is not intuitive, particularly on a mobile device. Uploading photos is mercurial to impossible, particularly on a mobile device. Do you sense a theme? Lots of bloggers have their own website, and those who don't favor Wordpress. As do I. 

I have a Wordpress site, and I have thought of migrating to it for years. However, I figured that layout was not the reason people read this blog, and didn't want to shed readers by moving and worrying about my archives, etc. Fortunately, over time I have shed plenty of readers due to the poor quality of my writing, and my sporadic posting. What may have been a reasonably popular blog at one point is now, let's face it, fairly lame. I can't see how I could have fewer readers than I do now and still have readers, and I think if you are still sticking with me you will be able to follow a hypertext link and bookmark it for later.

So, in the near future, and at least for the period of March 9-24, I will be posting at stlouiscatholic.wordpress.com . I am able to write and post photos (which is important to me on the Camino, anyway) from my mobile devices, so I can approximate on the go posting from Spain. I probably will end up permanently moving to Wordpress afterward, but maybe I won't. I will leave this site active for a long time in any event, with a link so you can find me if you want to. Also, until I leave, I will be posting at both the Blogger and Wordpress sites simultaneously, so pick your poison.

So, thanks for reading still, particularly if you have stuck it out for all eleven years. I hope to make this page readable again. If not, I'll find enough Bob Dylan lyrics and bullfighting accidents to see me through. Buen Camino.


aine said...

I subscribe to your blog through feedly, and will promptly subscribe to your wordpress blog today. God Bless.

Cathy D said...

Buen camino!

Michael Ortiz said...

The new site is excellent! I would ditch the old one in a heartbeat. Prayers for all your intentions!

The Bear said...

Bear's traffic is down, too. Maybe people give up reading blogs for Lent. He was busy with his other stuff until now, and, frankly, a lot of readers hate it when he dares to use his ephemeris that usually provides free material for their enjoyment and occasional edification to promote a newly published book. Bear gets that, but, come on, give a Brother Bear a break! You're right about following the adventures of Jorge, though. Although readers seem to like red meat, Bear has lost interest, other than the in the Pope Videos, which are low-hanging fruit that is just too awful to resist.

It just gets tiresome, especially since he didn't turn out to be some evil genius who was actually interesting. He's just bumbling along leaving a wake of destruction like Mr. Bean.

Now Bear is lentblogging again Not a popular activity with most readers, but some like it.

You didn't ask, but Bear will volunteer that if he were to on a pilgrimage, the last thing he would do is try to blog about it. Bear guarantees you'll find yourself worrying about that, and am I getting bars, and oh, no, Wordpress isn't accepting my password for some reason... The Devil LOVES nothing better than to take the good we try to do and turn it against us. Nothing has ruined Bear's spiritual life like getting out a Lenten Companion! He speaks from recent experience.

Sometimes it is easy to forget to put ourselves first. Butler's Lives say of Saint Corbinian that despite his difficult assignment to reconvert a bunch of murderous Germans, he still made sure he had a lot of time to say the Office and look after his own soul.

M. Prodigal said...

I will check out your new site on Wordpress and look forward to you journaling about the Camino as I also would love to walk it one day. Actually I have been to Santiago de Compostela when I went on pilgrimage to Fatima. And while the pilgrims came in--the young with exuberation and the elders with exhaustion--we came in on a nice coach bus. But the pilgrimage seems to be extraordinary and those I know who have walked it say it was a tremendous spiritual experience. Best of all to you! Ave Maria!

ancillamaria said...

Dear Timman,
I'm so happy you are able to take part in this fantastic pilgrimage! I always wanted to do it, too. So I will be enjoying every post you send our way!
Please pray for our family as you make your pilgrimage.
God bless you
Joe R's Mom :-)

dulas90 said...

Don't worry, us die hards still had the old one bookmarked!