02 February 2018

"If true, the highest levels of the FBI colluded with a British spy digging dirt for Hillary to ruin the opposition candidate, and, having failed, to bring down an elected president."

The headline comes from this post by Patrick Buchanan, released shortly before the memo it (accurately, as it turns out) discusses. 

These are the tactics of the communist thugs of the last regime, to wit: Obama, the Harpy from Hell, and their toadies-- not to mention those whom these thugs actually serve.

The P-D, like all other establishment rags, frames the story as "GOP releases partisan and strongly disputed memo critical of FBI". Right. As though the story is about the memo's release, and not about the truth of its contents. But then, that sums up any argument in modern politics. The truth is irrelevant and all that matters is power. The enemies of Western civilization don't want to convince us-- they only want to kill us.

Forget Trump the man. This is about the survival of whatever is left of the Republic.

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Chris Benischek said...

Absolutely right, St Louis my friend. Belated Christmas and Candlemas best wishes to you.

Pat’s got great sources and you and he hit the nail on the head with that one sentence.

For Buchanan to opine on the faux pope would represent a benchmark. Fun too. Obama/Clinton/Soros/Francis. The connection is rather obvious. Then throw in Parolin/the Davos-Pope-Dauphin. One could also raise the bloody betrayal of the Chinese Catholics—our brothers and co-religionists without a doubt, I might add, as they are all traditionalists. Buchanan could make hay of that with dispatch, authority and from his mainstream perch.

We pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima, and the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

Christopher P. Benischek